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Chemical resistance

Tankguard products provide resistance to diverse and constantly changing nature of stored or transported chemicals, oils and petroleum products and are suitable for various temperature ranges.

Fast return to service

When your tanks are out of service, they are not making you any money. Using products like Tankguard SF and Tankguard Plus, you can significantly reduce shutdown time and return your tanks to service faster.

Easy application

All Tankguard products can be sprayed with single leg airless spray equipment and be applied in a wide range of temperatures.

Tested and certified

Tankguard products are independently tested and certified with global specifications available, to meet the needs of handling, storing or transporting crude oil, chemicals, petrochemicals, solvent and even potable water.

Storage tank linings

Storage tanks are vulnerable to corrosion and pitting which can cause contamination of the stored products or leakages. The right tank lining can provide exceptional anticorrosive performance to make sure that the tanks stay in service, securely. Jotun offers Tankguard linings that significantly reduce application and curing time, with the chemical resistance needed, enabling you to return your tanks to service more quickly than before.

Cargo tank coatings

The majority of cargo tanks are constructed from carbon steel. These tanks need to be protected from corrosion and from the cargoes being transported. Depending on the trading pattern of a tanker, different properties are required from the tank coating. Jotun offers cargo tank coatings that deliver a wide range of cargo compatibility, operational flexibility and corrosion protection.

Chemical resistance list for storage and cargo tanks

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Tankguard DW

Tankguard DW是一款适用于作为饮用水储罐和管道底漆以及面漆的无溶剂环氧漆。

  • 适用于饮用水储罐和管道的内衬涂料
  • 无溶剂
  • 施工性能优异

Tankguard Plus

Tankguard Plus是一款具有优异耐化学品性能的酚醛环氧储罐内衬涂料,只需五天即可完成固化,让储罐投入使用。

  • 优异的耐化学性能
  • 可耐受高达 160°C 的酸性原油
  • 只需五天即可完成固化并投入使用

Tankguard SF

Tankguard SF是一款可进行湿碰湿施工的无溶剂酚醛环氧储罐内衬涂料,能让储罐快速恢复使用。

  • 出色的耐化学品性能
  • 可耐受温度高达140°C的酸性原油
  • 可进行湿碰湿施工

Tankguard Storage

A two-component lining with excellent chemical resistance for petroleum and crude-oil tanks.

  • Excellent chemical resistance 
  • Resistant against crude oil at temperatures up to 120°C 
  • 48-hour return to service possible for some products



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