Growth in uncertain times

Sandefjord, 24 May 2022: Jotun increased its revenue by 14 per cent to NOK 8 459 million in the first four months of 2022. Record-high raw material prices weakened the operating profit compared to the same period last year.

Demanding market situation

Jotun navigated well through the turbulent first four months of 2022. The group achieved a new sales record and recorded revenue growth in all segments (Decorative Paints, and Marine, Protective and Powder Coatings). However, the paints and coatings manufacturer was challenged by a number of events, including the war in Ukraine, the Covid shutdown in China, continuing supply chain disruptions and record-high raw material prices.

“The organisation has handled the situation well. Higher sales volumes and price increases contributed to Jotun delivering record-high revenues. In March, we passed one billion litres of paints and coatings sold on 12-month basis”, President & CEO Morten Fon says.

The high raw material prices led to a fall in operating profit in the first tertiary compared to the same period last year.

President and CEO Morten Fon at Jotun's headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway
President and CEO Morten Fon

Sanctions against Russia

Due to the war in Ukraine and the international sanctions against Russia, Jotun has suspended its operations in Russia. The organisation has focused on taking care of its 300 employees in Russia as well as the four in Ukraine.

“There is a great deal of uncertainty associated with our business in Russia. We are preparing for all possible outcomes”, Morten Fon says.

Nevertheless, the situation is manageable for Jotun, as the company’s operations in Russia only account for between 2 and 3 per cent of Jotun Group's total revenue.

Significant uncertainty

Going forward, Jotun has identified uncertainties related to rising inflation, global supply chain disruptions and the Covid situation in China. On the opposite hand, the company is registering positive tendencies in selected key markets, including newbuilding of ships, which may contribute to further growth.

“High raw material prices will continue to put pressure on our margins. Therefore, we must continue with price increases and cost control”, Morten Fon says.

However, Jotun is well-positioned to generate further profitable growth and remains committed to its long-term growth and investment strategy.


Key figures (NOK million)  T1 2022 T1 2021 Change
Operating revenue 8 459 7 441 14 %
Operating profit 1 143 1 469 –22 %
Profit before tax 980 1 407 –30 %


For further information:

Morten Fon, President & CEO
+47 909 19 822


Asne Vitterso Kvamme, Group Communications Director
+47 99244648

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