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Libyan Red Crescent volunteers provide emergency aid after Storm Daniel’s destructions. Photo: IFRC

Jotun supports aid in Libya

Libya suffers from devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 1 mill to support Red Cross/Red Crescent in the area.

Moroccan Red Crescent teams were the first on the ground to provide urgent assistance to those affected by the September 8 earthquake. Photo IFRC

Jotun donation to emergency aid in Morocco

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco September 8th, causing widespread devastation. Jotun has donated NOK 1 million to Red Cross/Red Crescent to emergency aid in the area.

Long time dealer, Binh Nguyen, celebrates the installation of Jotun’s 10,000th Multicolor Machine.

A long, colourful road to success

Jotun has celebrated an important milestone. The company’s 10,000th Multicolor Machine has been installed in a paint shop in Vietnam.

While pursuing a career at Jotun and rasing a family, Salem ElSayed Abousalem also found time to earn his PhD in Physical Chemistry. Photo: Morten Rakke

A passion for learning

With encouragement from Jotun and support from his family, Ashraf Salem ElSayed Abousalem earned a Master’s degree and PhD while building his career at Jotun.

Wind farm at sea

Telenor + Jotun = smarter paint

Why is advanced communication technology from Telenor relevant for Jotun’s premium protective coatings? The answer is proven performance.

Matthieu Augereau with a VR camera

Adding VR to the can

Jotun’s Learning & Development crew uses state-of-the-art technology to create internal training programs. “If we want to create a better Jotun, we need to keep innovating”, Senior Learning Advisor Matthieu Augereau says.

Nilay Yilmaz standing in the dock looking up on a ship hull

Role model at the shipyard

After being turned down twice by a competing company, Nilay Yilmaz (28) landed a job in Jotun Turkey and became the first female coating advisor in the country. Now her colleagues hope to see more women at the busy shipyards.

Nova Kakhovka dam: Floods affect tens of thousands of people (photo Ukraine Red Cross)

Jotun donates emergency aid to Ukraine

The collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine is among the largest destructions of civil infrastructure since February 2022 and has major humanitarian consequences. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 2 mill to The Red Cross/Red Crescent and their emergency aid in the area.

Be proud of who you are

We want every Jotun employee to be proud of who they are – throughout the year and all over the world.

Yasmine Eladly on stage with a microphone

Career boost in the Middle East

Jotun’s employees are encouraged to pursuit new careers within the company. For Yasmine (31) a short-term assignment sent her on a career boosting journey.

Red tanker on sea

Saving steel for a more sustainable future

In a recently published study, preventing steel from corroding is highlighted as one of the keys to a more sustainable future.

Four smiling women

Instant success with extra care

To support the employees when they need it the most, Jotun launched Penguin Care. Six months later the program has already improved the quality of life for several Jotun employees and families throughout the world.

Solar panels on the roof top of Jotun's factory in Oman

Running on sunshine

Jotun is stepping up the game on renewable energy. In Oman, the sun now provides the paints manufacturer with half of its energy needs.

A woman receiving food and blankets from a Red Cross worker. Photo: Ville Palonen / Finnish Red Cross

Jotun donates to Ukraine aid

To help meet the growing need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Jotun has donated NOK 1 mill to the Red Cross/ Red Crescent and NOK 0.5 mill to Norwegian People’s Aid to support their work in the country.

Search for air leakages in Jotun's factory in Turkey

Closing down energy waste

In Jotun, sustainability is all about those small green steps. A new program for reducing air leakages is having a huge impact on both CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

A woman taking notes and a man sitting on a couch

Extra care in difficult times

During the pandemic, our mental health has been heavily challenged. In Jotun Turkey, a company paid well-being program has given more than 1 000 employees valuable help.

Helle Vines Ertsas with the HullSkater


最初加入佐敦时,Helle Vines Ertsas 从事能力发展和内部培训工作。如今,她已经全面负责公司最复杂的创新任务。

Verena Zeriul at an Italian shipyard


对于佐敦意大利的技术销售支持专员 Verena Zeriul 来说,成为部门唯一的女性成员丝毫没有问题。Verena 很感谢公司为她的个人培训和发展作出投资。

Perihan Gundag in the laboratory in Turkey


作为佐敦土耳其的高级研发化学师和博士生,Perihan Gundag 每天都要面对新的想法和观点。但最能激励她的却是实验室团队合作。

Emma McArthur


刚加入佐敦时,Emma McArthur 对涂料一无所知。8 年后,她来到德克萨斯州休斯顿,加入表现从未如此出色的佐敦美国。


佐敦内部各个部门积极寻求可持续发展解决方案。2022 年 5 月 11 日,我们制造的首辆电动卡车在挪威温达尔工厂问世。

Jotun employee Keng Khoon Tan and his family enjoying life in Sandefjord, Norway. Photo: Morten Rakke

Increased care packages to 10,000 families

A unique company culture over many years has created a worldwide family feeling in Jotun. Now the Norwegian paints manufacturer extends their reach to implement an increase of family-oriented benefits.

Brazil soccer team at Norway Cup

Playing for life

Karanba is a social initiative providing food, safety and education for youths from the favela in Rio de Janeiro. One of the main activities is playing soccer. However, the greatest triumphs come off the pitch.

Stein Kjolberg at the golf course

Hit the American dream

Stein Kjølberg is one of many Jotun employees with various positions and countries under the belt. Now the Norwegian is packing his golf clubs and moving to the US.

Faten Lubani. Photo: Heidi Marie Goperod

Diversity in the workplace pays off

“Focusing on diversity and inclusion gives huge benefits – both on an individual and corporate level”, says Faten Lubani in Globale Sandefjord and Åsmund Bergem in Jotun.

Joyful employees at Jotun Philippines encouraged to bring their true self to work every day

Proud diversity celebration in the Philippines

During their very own diversity campaign this month, the employees at Jotun Philippines are encouraged to bring their true self to work every day.

Happy people forming the word JOTUN

Stepping up the game on diversity

As an increasingly global company in an increasingly diversified world, Jotun is embracing differences amongst our more than 10,200 employees.

Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun

Citizen of the world

Yi Huang’s willingness to embrace opportunities has led to a truly global career with Jotun.

HullKeeper aerial view

Improved environmental performance

To help owners and operators improve hull efficiency to reduce emissions, Jotun’s HullKeeper programme offers trusted analytical and technical services, digital capability and ROV inspections.

Jotun protects the jacket for the wind power installation at sea

Renewable success

With global demand for renewable energy on the rise, Jotun is growing fast serving wind energy projects in the world’s leading market: China.

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